Audio delayed when ripped into .MKV format

I am not having much luck ripping my .VOB files into .MKV through Handbrake.

The main reason is the delayed audio, i am converting music DVD’s to .MKV only to be able to skip to selected songs (since WDTV doesnt support DVD menus!)

i have tried the preset setting on Handbrake and then select the output file to .MKV but still no luck the audio is so delayed that it is not even watchable 

I have tried the below setting (High profile)

Audio Codec is set at AAC (faac) with

Mixdown set on Stereo

Bitrate is set on 128

and another set up suggested on this forum

with Audio Codec set at AC3 passthru

but i get the same result

please assist

There’s already a thread on this topic, maybe it’ll help. Maybe you don’t have to convert cause as the last beta demonstrated the next firmware will support DVD menus.

thanks for the tread, it seems to be exsactly the same issue i am having.

you menioned then new beta software update - where can i get the Beta version or better still any idea when the new firmware will be released

Use Google to find (MD5: f2f283f020ffec7a0f7aa877eec9c40c) and be prepared to downgrade cause it messes up some things…