Audio Connection to external 5:1 speaker: Helps needed

Hi, I would like to get my 5:1 speaker to work as a speaker while playing movies? I got 2 options to do that

Option 1:The hdmi cable is connected to the speaker and then I can use the “Audio Out” port of the TV to connect to the speaker through composite cable.

Option 2: Directly connecting the WD player to the speaker through the composite cable.

Can you guys tell in which way I’ll get the better sound quality? Or is there any other better option that I’m missing. Please note that my speaker does not have any hdmi / spdif / optical port/

Since your audio system doesn’t have hdmi or optical port, neither of your options won’t work with 5.1 surround sound. The hub will only output 5.1 surround sound using either hdmi or optical port. Both of your options will work only in stereo sound.

Yeah, thats right that I’ll get sterio sound only through my 5:! speaker. But which connection method should be right one as I descriped two options in my first post. Thanks.

Option 1: hdmi cable is connected to the speaker? You said your audio system doesn’t have hdmi port. If what you meant was hdmi cable connected to the TV, it will work. Option 2 will also work. I think both of your options produces the same sound quality although the advantage of using option 1 is you can use your speaker system not just with the hub but also in any device connected to your TV.

Right, in option 1, I meant TV not the speaker. Sorry it was my mistake. Thanks.