Audio Buzzing

I am trying to watch some programs with Dolby Digital sound. At times viewing the movie I will hear some buzzing coming from my speakers? Is this something I need to configure for? I dont have this on other movies. It just seems the stuff at 720p is giving me this and its all DD sound encoding.

A little more information…

The files in question are AC-3 Digital Dolby, which if memory serves me has been giving some users trouble. I did a couple of tests. I was running firmware 1.15, so I downgraded to 1.11. This had no effect on the cracking sounds. I then turned DRC off and again no effect. I then changed the audio from optical to stereo only and this seems to have resolved the cracking/buzzing.

Is AC-3 still an issue for many?


Buzzing sounds in audio usually points to a poor ground connection either among the system’s connected audio components, or possibly in the source material if it was recorded with a poor ground somewhere in the links.  Turn off system, unplug all physical cable connections at both ends, re-insert them, when done with all, turn system back on and hope buzz is gone!

Its not really a buzzing, more like a crackle at the end of sentences. When I change the audio config to stereo the crackle is gone…very strange.

What I am trying is to take one of the MKVs and convert the audio to DTS. Want to see if that does the trick.