? Audio Bug

Hi all.  I have the hub hooked up to my reciever via optical and composite.  I do this so I can watch my videos in surround, and my kids can simply use the tv volume when watching a show in the early morning while Dad is still sleeping.:wink:

For some reason, the hub intermittantly stops sending audio out of the composits correctly.  I have to use the optical.  I have it set to passthrough in the audio settings.  When this bug occures, changing the audio settings in the hub to “stereo” does not fix the problem.  I have tried disconnecting the optical cable and just using the composits, I get no audio.  

This happens when playing DVD iso.  It also happens when playing MKV with AC3

The only solution is to reboot the hub.  Then all is well again.

Any suggestions?


Hi there! Try to contact the user PixelPower, he’s great on media related issues =)