Audio badly distorted?

Only got my WD TV Live this week so still playing with it however, when playing a movie the sound is good but when playing mp3’s or even radio stations the sound is unbarable. It sounds like the volume has been turned up that high that it’s distorting. You just can’t listen to it it’s that bad!

I have tried all the settings, stereo, digital etc… I even have an optical lead straight into my surround system, also tried it just through the HDMI cable but it’s the same problem.

Any ideas anyone?

Have you been using Flingo?  There’s a known bug in the latest firmware where using Flingo creates audio distortion in subsequently played audio (and video?) tracks.

I believe the workaround is to fully turn off the unit / unplug it, then boot back up.


I did try Flingo as a matter of fact and like anyone who gets a new toy, you try everything!!

I’ll have a go at your suggestion and let you know.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Grant, you are a top man!

That sorted it so no Flingo from now on.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

That’s great, glad it’s working for for you again.  :)

Yeah, Flingo was one of the first things I tried when the new firmware came out too!  Then my audio went wacky.  

Really cool app, hope they fix the bugs soon as it’s a shame to have to avoid it.

Add me to the list, i’ve noticed this too…

Oh man! I’m so glad I found this thread. My audio became distorted last night and I narrowed it down to the box. My warranty of course expired last month. What did I discover last night for the first time? Flingo…

It’s all better now.