Audio - are id3 tags ignored?

I’d like my SMP to play albums by inspecting id3 data in the files in a given directory. Is the SMP not capable of this? Do I need to create a playlist?


Just have a look here:


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Oh, thanks for your correction Joey.

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Regarding that thread - I have the media library “on” and id3 tags still don’t seem to be used. Songs in a particular directory are listed and played in alphabetical order.

bump - id3 tags still being ignored

How are you playing your music tracks.

Not sue what you mean - I go into “Music”, where there is a directory named the title of the album. If I click play at that point, the songs in the directory are played in alphabetical order. If I click ok and go into the directory and click ok on “Play Album”, I get the same behavior.

Yes, that is a correct behaviour.

To check the difference with libary “ON”:

Just hit the green botton on your remote on the music list or gallary view.

Here you can sort (now) by artist , album etc - not possible with libary and tags “off” .

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Media libary is set to “on”; that hasn’t corrected the behavior.

Have you pressed the green button on your remote inside “music” ?

What did you choose there ?