Audio and video no more in sync after pause

Hi folks,

when I pause a movie (VOB) for some reason and continue to play t again, the audio and video are no more in sync. Is this a known problem?

The only way to solve tat is to quit the movie completely and then to play it again.

Any help is appreciated.



same problem here: i am hearing the sound using a surround receiver via optical.

after pause it is async. solution: press the home button on your remote, than navigate to the movie again, press ok and than "continue playing? " and click yes.

after that step it plays from the same place as before and the sound is sync.

complicated but it works ^^


What about asking WDC to fix this mistake ASAP with the next firware upgrade?!?!?

That’ true ,it also happended with me ,a very annoying problem ,HELP PLEEAAASE.