Audio and Video Metadata catalog and Indexing support feature in MyCloud 2TB

Hello.  I am looking for a way for MyCloud Media Server to extract and organize video and audio from the files stored on Mycloud 2Tb device.  There is a software package called Plex that will do similar, however it is not compatible with MyCloud 2TB version.  It seems possible to modify existing Media Server code to add capability for extracting data in Audio and Video files so the system can organize files by more than file date and file name.  It should be able to download the data for updated thumbnails, file description, and tags for organizing into genres like comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi, etc for movies as well as rock, classical, top-40, etc for audio music.  The DLNA server works well enough to stream to TV and tablet devices already, but the ability to sort from data in Metadata would be great.

Has anyone figured out a way to do this? or is there a roadmap feature proposed to be added to the MyCloud firmware or app?

There is advice on optimising metadata views here: