Audio and Subtitle Options shifted to the left

Hello, after updating the version, 05/01/2004, when I’m playing a video and press Options in the control to select a different audio or subtitle different characters in the audio or subtitle is shifted to the left side on the screen and can barely read. This did not happen in previous version.

Yes, this is a known problem with the new firmware. It has been reported many times. There are numerous posts about this issue in the firmware thread. There is not too much that you can do about it except roll back to the previous version of the firmware.

The only question remaining is when will this be fixed? (and I would add, how could something as easy to find could go through QA without being discovered, I really don’t get it)

I can comfirm this happens with my unit as well. to bad it was missed, however not a showstopper issue.

how to fix problem…

acong06 wrote:

how to fix problem…

Roll back to a previous firmware.

thank you…