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OK. No solution is actually working for my thumbs (clearing media library, deleting the Thumb directory, unplug the HUB, etc.) I also changed the theme (moved to Darklight) and it’s not better. Any of my directories still refuse to take the “folder.jpg” image. I have to delete all informations of all movies inside a directory for it works. But then, when I add a cover on a movie, it replaces the image of the folder.jpg… Weird problem.

What FW is running on your HUB?

If it’s a FW later then 2.07 maybe this is what causing it … Click

If so you can try the workaround posted in the second comment

by DimitarCC

Well there is workarownd to that. Actually 2!

1. to rename all .metathumb files to .jpg and recompile and restart the hub.

2. to rename the folder.jpg to something like !folder.meathumb so that to show up first in the folder In both ways up the folder image display correct!

But ofcource WD have to fix that ugly bug!

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Thanks Medic.

I’m using the last firmware. I should probably downgrade it if it’s not too difficult.

I will try first what you say in your last post.

Great ! Thanks Medic, my problem is solved !!!

Hope this bug will be fixed in the next FW …



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Hi Mate,

Hope im not being too cheeky but would you consider providing the .psd or .png filed you used to create these folder thumbnails so that we can create our own (its the without reflection one im interested in). If not i would appreciate it if you could create me one for a photo’s folder. Thanks

Links are in his post …


Tinwarble wrote:

Genre folders

With reflection - download HERE

Without reflection - download HERE


In the zip files you will find folder.xcf which is probably the folder file collection. The xcf extension is used by Gimp

Gimp website

What is the best way to create a new folder.jpg with different text from one of the layers ?


I need a picure with each letter from the alphabet.

The text should be similar  to pasted Layer #5 in Genre Folders - Reflections in Genre.xcf.

I want to use it as a visualisation for my folders named “— A —”, “— B —”, …

Each folder contains the artists, so I have ABBA, Alphaville … in folder “— A —” etc.

Background II:

I need a picture for each year for my photo collection.

All pictures from 2010 are in a folder nemed “2010”,

or do we already have folder.jpgs with letters/years somewhere ?

Thanks these are just what was needed! Thanks for all your work

How can we change the text of the Genre.xcf file with GIMP ?

Is it “painted”  information or do we have this text style as something like a “font” ?


Well, as the original icons (the slate, font & top images) were done by Xzener I can’t tell you what was originally used to make the font.

However, when I make my own I use a “paint” method to duplicate the font style.  As this can be complictated to explain I can’t walk you through the method to create the font right now.  But when I get some time I will make the A - Z fonts and upload them.

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Thank you Tin, it would be great  if you find some time for that.

With your little explanation I see clearer now.

Because I am not a designer and don’t know GIMP very

well I thought I’d be too silly to understand the function/programe …:wink:

Perhaps Xzeneris comes around here and gives us some more detail

about the original font.

Well, as the only place I have seen Xzener post is the non-official WD sites I wouldn’t count on him making a appearance.  But l know how the “chaulky” text was created, it’s just a matter of having the time to make them.

Right now I’m pretty busy, so I haven’t had much free time, but as soon as I do I’ll get these done.

“Xzener” posted the name of the Font in this Forum Thread:

The Font is Called  “28 Days Later”

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Thank you Joey , with this I can make some folder.jpgs :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Yesterday I designed some folder.jpgs …

And it’s really a good feeling to adapt the WD environment to own needs :heart:

I think the text in the folder.jpgs  is *NOT* hundred percent styled

like Joey’s last example (“No Probs…” hehe)

There is one open question: 

It is hard to discribe (for me), but I think there is something

like a perspective  in the text, right ?

Yes, you have to use the perspective tool to make the text match the angle of the slate.

For the example above, i used the GIMP option…

Layer > Transform > Arbitary Rotation

(Not perfect, but is a quick and easy way of tilting the text… might try as Tinwarble stated, the Perspective Tool)