Attention Themers - Grid-UI 2.02.32

New Grig-UI ready for theming


this download is not ready for use on device (too big)

this is a live running copy of /osd from my device and contains all xml’s and images, etc … needed for theming

all symlinks have already been resolved via cp command

edit - turns out you will also need meta.xml which is not included above

please see this post on page 3

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Thanks Kad, Much appreciated!!

many kind regards


Thanks for sharing.  Appreciate you taking the effor to put this together for the community.

If anyone finds the answer or can help, Can change the Main grid view layout, but can not change the service, music, video , or photos icons… not to sure if that was planned by WD or if thats just something that you can do. in the GRID-UI that Kad kindly gave us there are no .png’s that work changing these little icons… I am beginning to wonder if these are actually somewhere else other than the XML ->image files… if I find out how then I will let you know, however if someone finds out how before me then please would they be so kind to let everyone else know…!

many kind regards and thanks


I would be surprised if the images are not found in the upload

but I supose it’s possible

I really haven’t looked at what or how WD is doing this

I see meta.xml is not in the new firmware anymore, is it possible to upload a few xml files without the meta.xml ? I believe this was not possible in the previous firmwares.

For example if I just want to change dashboard_grid.xml and upload this one file to the wd tv live mediaplayer, can I do this? 

I am currently not able to get to a wd tv live mediaplayer to check it (holiday season). But I think one of you guys tried this?

And Ritchie, I have png’s like this:


I understand you cannot change these?

Hello, I have a meta.xml in mine, not sure if you still need it, but when I have uploaded my theme to the new firmware it still works, but as I say I have a meta.xml . I have tried to look for the .png files that are on the home page of the grid view, (I tend to look for the picture rather than the file name as it’s easier to see) and I can’t seem to find the ones for video, music and photos! Although the others example Netflix are there if I change the image it does not seem to make any difference to the image actually on the screen. My feeling is because the new grid system ( I believe uses a basic java base) these pictures are somewhere else in the firmware and not in the main images library! Though I maybe wrong. I did however find these images in the GPL under a folder called Apps. But they don’t seem to be related to the XML or images files - this is what make me think they can’t be changed. Which is a shame because I have come across a great idea for the home screen which won’t work unless I can change the icons!
I do have to admit to not spending a lot of time with this new grid system so I guess things are maybe there but normally it’s pretty obvious what they have changed! And I’m still getting used what XML does what! What seems to relate though is the mIn grid home screen xml’s all seem to have “metro” in the title!!
Not much help I know but it maybe of some use. It just seems to me you can change the look of the new home screen but you can’t change the icons! But as I have stated I have not spent a lot of time on it, and if anyone finds any more info all I can do is hope they share!
Many kind regards

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desertwedge, I modifyed your old Simple theme…

What do you think?

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I’m already working on custom firmware so I’ll be busy with that for a while

but I’m pleasantly surprised in the interest here, already 100 downloads

I’ll offer up a few thoughts

meta.xml - try it and let us know

Images - WD makes extensive use of symlinks, which have been resolved already

but there are a lot of images that do not have the customary .jpg .png - it might simply be named

and for it to function it must remain named that way, but those of you in windows, windows will not know what the file is

replacing images for apps - if nobody figures it out, I’ll take a look in a few weeks, but I would guess you just need to find the xml entries coresponding to apps, I would guess something similiar to linksheets method might work, I already noticed you can add specific network shared folders to the grid and it will display a thumbnail instead of the default icon

it goes to reason if it can display a thumbnail, it should be possible use the linksheet method to replace the images

I was thinking about the grid view and I have a question:

I can easily edit the gridview xml files, they are pretty basic. If I edit for example the file called “inc_metro_home_grid.xml” and I add these xml files: rv_file_list_browse_page, rv_large_video_browse_page, rv_list_browse_page and rv_video_brose_page , would this work?

I didn’t have time to check everything, but will the mediaplayer understand I want the grid view homepage and the video browse pages and combine it? Or will I get the normale menu and only the file list / large video etc. pages when I click on video?

I have modified all my pages and I think it can work, but you have had some time to test and can perhaps tell me if this is the way to go. Thanks!

By the way, I don’t use the video link in the grid view, but I use folders on my nas and you can use the folder.jpg images for this. I am going to change the icon size so that I can switch between my grid view theme and my normal theme without changing the folder.jpg images in size which is a terrible job if you have a lot of folders.

I doubt that would work, actually, it might crash it

but you’re welcome to try

instead of trying to add those xml’s

I recommend to just add the folders you need to the grid

Perhaps I don’t understand you, but I already added the folders to the grid view.

My grid home menu looks like this now:

TV shows


Movies Kids

Old tv shows

Old movies

Home video



I want to change the size of the icons on the home menu , this is not that difficult and I will manage.

But I would like to change the view I get when I (for example) click on the folder called TV shows. Now I get the default moochi xml files. I think it is possible to change them?

Or are you guys only changing the couple of xml files fromt the grid home menu itself and not the other xml’s ?

And if someone got a simple theme working (a test for example), please share it here. I guess I am missing something simple here.

I have actually had another look for these Home Screen png’s and all I can say are the only one’s that are contained in the image and have any effect are movies folder, music folder and photo folder. None of the other images are used in the image folder, which must mean that must be stored somewhere else!!! :angry:

many kind regards



I haven’t had a chance to try anything yet on this new theme but here are a couple of things that I would probably try to find the grid icon image names after reading your posts:

  1. Create a png file named “home_video_icon.png” for the video link on the grid and see if it overwrites the default image.  Hopefully it is this simple.

  2. Try to modify the “main_video_icon_f.png” image to see if that changes anything in the grid view.   The default mochi theme main screen images and the grid main screen images appear pretty similar to me, just a little different shape.

  3. I believe JoeySmyth or KAD79 posted a trick awhile back that showed which image was being used by changing the “image” display in the xml to a “text” display to display the name of the image you were looking for.  Something similar to below:

<image name=“th0” image="@@dashboard_thumb_0" default_image="@@dashboard_default_thumb_0" x=“60” y=“337”/>

Where “@@dashboard_thumb_0” would be the image of the video icon you are looking for.  You would add a line of xml similar to below:

This, hopefully, would give you the name of the image you are wanting to change.

Hope some of this helps.



Like it, thanks for sharing.

DESERTWEDGE!!!  you are nothing short of a wonderful man!!! may the light shine down on you and forever give you wonderful things!!! and whoever else came up with the idea…

  1. make a folder and call it "apps’ 

  2. inside that folder make another file and call it “Videos”

  3. inside that folder make another folder and call it “images”

compress the theme as normal and bobs your uncle! or dad! or what ever the saying is!!!

Tried it on videos, have not yet tried it on anything else! but I will give it a tray when I have a little more time!!! 

but thank you so much for anyone whom came up with that idea!!!

Cant wait to give more a go!!!

many many kind regards

Richie!!!    (a very happy but tired man!!!)  :smileyvery-happy:  :wink:


Could you share the zip with us? I would like to see what you did.


Hi guys,

can only on post an screen from the “new” theme…

Thx Gerd


Glad to hear you were able to get it to work.  So did #3 give you the path to where the WDTV was looking for the image then?

Good afternoon, it did indeed! :smiley: So I am so thankful as I would have never found it otherwise!!!

Many kind regards


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