Attempting to Fix a Bricked Debian Jessie Upgrade


I have tried to upgrade my MyBookLive to Debian Jessie using the great work Ewald and others have done but have been left with an unresponsive NAS. I don’t want to just unbrick it back to WD firmware but find out what has gone wrong. It might help others in future.

The steps I took was to ssh to the machine, remove sda1 from the software raid, reformat sda1, mount it and extract the Jessie distribution from Ewalds github site.

I then made some changes to the Jessie, i.e. change ip to static, added dns servers, replaced /newmnt/boot/boot.scr with boot_ext3_sda1.

Now after a reboot it’s bricked with a red light.

Obviously I need to get access to the disk but what did I do wrong and what are my next steps. Happy to look at getting netconsole running to see what u-boot and the kernal are doing.

My understanding of u-boot is a bit limited, such as, how does the firmware know which /boot/boot.scr to use as I have two now, one on sda1 and another on sda2.

Note sda2 is still untouched and I guess with a rescue disk and I reformat sda1 and add it back into the soft raid to get it rebuilt as a last resort.

Thanks for reading.

I have been able to unbrick my NAS. I must of corrupted my boot.scr file as I was able to restore it back to the version that came with the Jessie dist using a SATA to USB cradle and it now boots up and lets me connect again. Hoorah!