Attempting to disable APM failed!

I am trying to disable APM on my 3TB WD Caviar Green and 2TB WD Caviar Green due to incredibly high numbers of load cycle counts/head parks on both (3tb = 307,293 after 140 days, 2tb = 44,620 after 19 days) but none of the methods seem to work. WDidle doesn’t appear to be supported though I have seen conflicting reports on whether this is the case and I think I would have to switch the sata connectors around and disconnect certain drives to do that. But using a program like hdparm or cyristaldiskinfo is a reasonable solution for me however I cannot get either to work. For hdparm I downloaded the .msi in this link but when I use it it says HDIO_DRIVE_CMD failed: Input/Output error in the cmd box and my apm continues to rise, this also happens when I open the hdparm cmd and put in the command myself (hdparm -B 254 hdc). CyrstalDiskInfo also has a similar problem where it doesn’t detect the drives as having APM so cannot click Disable in AAM/APM control. Is WDidle my only option or does anyone know of another method of disabling APM on these Caviar Green drives? My LCC is already above what I understand to be the 300,000 threshold and I plan to have this drive as a storage for years so I need it disabled or I will have to buy another drive (maybe Seagate Barracuda which I believe you can disable APM through these methods) to use as storage and relegate the 3tb to an external backup. Thanks.

No one can help me stop the load cycle increasing by 2200 per day? If Wdidle is my only option (even though it is not shown as being compatible for my caviar green drives) does anyone have a good step by step guide for using this?

Nevermind, I went ahead and disabled it with WDidle3. It was more painless than I anticipated.