Attempt to manual firmware udpate: stuck at 'Importing File...' forever

Hi WD community,

I am running a WD Clound EX2 8TB - I wanted to update to the latest firmware:

  1. Attempt: Automatic update: nothing is happening

  2. Attempt: Downloaded the firmware file and extracted it, manual update but then stuck at ‘Importing File…’ forever and nothing is happening.

I tried a reboot as well as a shutdown and repeated, nothing seems to get the firmware update going

Any advice?

Hi and welcome to the WD community.

We Have passed this along to support.

Hi WD Community,

this is a follow up to my Firmware question:

It seems that I can perfectly access my EX2 via the Dashboard (everything looks healthy). I can also start the WD App on my Mac and access the EX2 but as soon as I want to create e.g. a folder I get an error message and the folder is deleted. I can still browse all my data on the drive in the Mac App. But by contrast, I also can not access the EX2 via the Mac Finder, although it show up in my shared drives.

The only thing I can think of is the OSX10.9.5 upgrade I did a week a ago, is there any way these things are connected? DO I have to update anything or did the OSX10.9.5 break anything? This might also explain why the firmware update is not working, did I somehow lost rights to write/access the disks?

Any advice

Another follow up:

I was able to mount the MyEX2 under Mac10.9.5 and access my ‘Public’ folder. But when I try to create a new folder I get the following error:

The operation can’t be completed because the disk “Public” is full.

My Dashboard reports that I have 3.34TB of free space, which is pretty accurate.

Any ide what is going on???

Same issue mentioned in the first post with my EX2. Any ideas?