Attaching a external drive via usb to Wd mycloud drive


I have a external drive attached to my WD nas drive and I seem to be able access it via kodi without any passwords, unlike the nas drive asks for password , is there a way to protect the external drive ? Thks

You can set the USB drive Share to Private in the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares tab to force users to enter a user name and password to access the USB Share. You can set which users have permissions to that Share (no access, read only, full access).

Note: If you enable the Media Serving option in the My Cloud Dashboard > Share tab on the USB Share; DLNA clients (and likely iTunes clients) like Kodi will be able to access the media on that share without using a user name and password.

Thanks, how do I set a username and password for the connected external usb drive? I have it setup successfully for my nas drive.

My reply explained how to do so. Access the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares tab and set the permissions on the Share.

Well I tried that, there is no where I can include a username or password, options are full access, read access or no access , so how do I set a username and password?

Have you created any Users in the My Cloud Dashboard? If not, you create Users on the My Cloud Dashboard > Users tab. When you create Users there is the option to create a password for that User. Then you assign those Users the permissions (no access, read access, full access) to access a Private Share. If a User has already been created see the Users tab in the Dashboard where you can create/change that User’s password. One can also configure Private Share permissions for that User in the Share Access section. Example User entry on an OS3 single bay My Cloud:

Thanks for replying, I have already created a user which is me and already have password setup, and given full access to the NAS drive and the usb external drive, but why is it on Kodi, I add video source, choose NFS, it finds my nas drive and im able to access the usb external drive without a password? The NAS drive asks for a password though

Its because you are using NFS and not Samba (SMB) to access the My Cloud.

Generally NFS on the My Coud doesn’t honor the credentials settings one makes in the My Cloud Dashboard. If you want to force a login with credentials then use SMB, not NFS.

If one is using OS3 v2.x firmware on their My Cloud, there may be an option in the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares > Share Access to disable NFS Access. Otherwise if using the older v4.x firmware one may be able to disable NFS through SSH by stopping the service using the /etc/rc2.d/S98user-start file.

/etc/rc2.d/S20nfs-common stop
/etc/rc2.d/S20nfs-kernel-server stop
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