Attached USB Drive

I attached my 1T WD Passport drive to my cloud device for a backup. After the backup was completed. I couldn’t find a way to eject the Passport from the cloud. So I disconnected it from the cloud. In my messages it shows the following:

A USB device (vendor: Western_Digital, model: My_Passport_25E1, serial number: WX21A77FRX93) was removed without being ejected possibly affecting data on My_Passport_25E1.

Is there a way to eject the USB drives? Didn’t see it in windows explorer.
Thanks for the help.

p.s. I had posted this in the My Cloud Home forum

Do you have a My Cloud or My Cloud Home device? They are not the same. The My Cloud Home uses a completely different operating system with different features and options. The My Cloud Home does not use the My Cloud Dashboard. The My Cloud Home does not use OS5 firmware. If you have a My Cloud Home device, see the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home.

For the My Cloud line of devices, one typically ejects a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud’s USB port using the My Cloud Dashboard. Once in the My Cloud Dashboard there is a USB icon top right that one can select which should give the option to eject an attached USB drive. Example of that My Cloud Dashboard USB icon:

How to Access the My Cloud OS 5 Administrator Dashboard

Thanks for the reply. I have the My Cloud, NOT the My Cloud Home. I understand.