Attach files remotely to emails in outlook?


Is there anyway when accessing My Cloud remotely that files can be attached directly to an email without having to download the file first? Also do not want to be sending links.

Basically need to know if there is a way that I can go to ‘Attach File’ once in an email and then select files from My Cloud remotely?

No , there is no way of doing this without either downloading the file to your local device or sending a link to the file itself.

Officially no there is no way to do so. What version of My Cloud do you have? Unofficially, if one has a 1st gen single bay/single drive v4.x firmware My Cloud, one may be able to attach a file if they use the unofficial CloudDAVMod for v4.x My Cloud’s to remotely map their My Cloud.

WD removed the removed the official remote map capability from the web portal over a year ago when they released the OS 3 firmware.

@TaylaJane What device are you using and are you trying to do this from, desktop app. or mobile app? What type of file do you want to attach?

This morning while away from home I was able to attach and email two photos to myself. I was on my phone, Samsung Galaxy S6, using the email app. See images below.

Image #One, Click on, tap, or activate images to enlarge them.

Image #Two

What have you tried so far, if anything?

It appears the OP wanted to use Outlook to send the files from a remote location but do so without downloading the file first or using a URL link. They want to select “attach file” from within the Outlook interface apparently.

@Bennor OK , this one was sent using Outlook app for my Samsung phone.

All I had to do when receiving the User Manual was to tap on the attachment and then download it. See two images below.

When I open the Outlook app and choose to write an email, I choose attachment, paper clip icon, then Choose from device files, and scroll down to select My Cloud.