Attach an encrypted USB drive?

I have some data on an encrypted USB Memory stick. The data is encrypted with Truecrypt, and I have the password. Normally I attache the memory stick directly to my computer. I am wondering if I can attach the Memory stick also to my DL4100 and then access the data over the network, and also share the data with colleagues by giving them the password.
I tried to attach the thumb drive to a USB port. The LED in the drive turns on, but when I go into the dashboard, I am told that no USB drive is attached. I think that is because the thumb drive appears to a computer as unformatted until it is mounted by truecrypt. Does that mean I cannot do what I want?


I dont believe this is possible.
I recommend you email WD support for assistance with this or we can wait and see if another user has tried this and can share some ideas with us.