Attach 2 drives via a splitter

I have an older WD my cloud. 3TB 4 years old. Is itpossible to attach 2 drives via a splitter to the usb port of the WD my cloud. Have one attached now with 2TB, which is working fine, but need some more extra storage. Has someone any experience with that?
Thanks in advance for the info.

@hansdex Have you checked the User Manual for the My Cloud device you own?

You have posted in the My Cloud Home sub-forum, is this the device you own?

A USB Hub will work … i doubt a splitter will.

Yes, a hub will work fine. I have a 4 port hub connected right now with 3 usb drives, but am having major issues with all the drives showing up consistently and being/staying accessible. Not sure if its a processing power (lack of) of the mycloud or if its my drives. I have 2 drives that seem to always work fine, and a 3rd drive that sometimes works, and can cause the whole system to crash and not respond, requiring multiple reboots to get all drives working again…

I tried today a 4 port hub, but my disk was not recognized after connecting. Do I have to do something more for that? F.i. Power off and start again? And wait till the 2tb disk is ready.

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Log into the mycloud dashboard and click on the USB icon at the top - this should list any disk drives you have connected, and then you can click on Shares folder and set up the drives.

I’m not sure if there is anything else that needs to be done, maybe someone else can help further.

Hmm, it didn’t work with the hub. Another option. Can a WD elements desktop drive with 8TB be connected to the WD my cloud usb port? That one has also an extra usb port. Or can this one only be used with connection to the laptop?
Please someone let me know.
Thanks in advance.