ATI Western Digital Edition Bootable Flash Drive Fails to Launch

Good day All:

I recently installed ATI Western Digital Edition on a new Windows 10 Think Pad. I have an external WD drive attached via USB and have successfully ran a full back up using ATI, WD Edition, version 19.00.33. I confirm I can access the files on the drive.

I’m having difficulty with creating Bootable Media, specifically on a USB flash drive (and for arguments sake I have tried this on three drives and all have the same result, they vary in 16Gb & 32Gb size), in that it is created successfully, but it fails to execute when I try to test it when booting to it (note that as a test I have also created a bootable flash drive in Windows 10 (not with ATI) and can successfully boot with that flash drive).

Upon boot, with the flash drive in place and BIOS selected to boot to that USB flash drive, I am first presented with the text:
"Starting UEFI Loader (x64)
Select an item by using the keyboard:

  1. Acronis True Image OEM (64-bit)
  2. Acronis System Report (64-bit)
    c. Continue booting"
    I must select one in order to proceed. Once selected, I am presented with a message of the number selected and Please wait…, after which I get a blank screen in which nothing happens (no drive lights, no fan sounds, nada (though the machine is still powered and I am looking at a powered, blank screen)). The only recourse is to hard re-boot, which works fine and brings me into Windows. I wait 10 minutes before giving up.

I would think I should be presented with a splash screen or the program and then be able to select the backup. Note my external WDD drive IS connected as well (but I have tried it without it being connected as well and get the same results).

My concern is that because the test fails, I would have no way to restore my computer with my back up in case of a failure. I can provide a picture of the messages I am getting if that helps. Also, I cannot access the Advanced Recovery option as that is not available in the Western Digital edition of ATI. I have also not tried connecting an external CD drive and going the iso route because it’s more of a pain and I’d just like to have the flash drive if ever needed.

Thanks for any advice!