ATI-WD Functionality Disabled-Asking for Activation Number

I just upgraded my laptop from W7 to W10. When I tried to install ATI-WD on the W10 machine, I get the message “ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE WESTERN DIGITAL PRODUCT FUNCTIONALITY HAS BEEN DISABLED- Enter activation number.”

I am using the 2013 version of the program. Since I am maintaining several other machines which are all using the 2013 version, I do not want to use the later version of the program. I recently upgraded another laptop to W10 using the same installation file with no problems.

I need some help getting past this request for an activation number. This never came up before. I have been using this program for several years and am backing up more than 10 WD drives. What could be wrong?

Note that before I saw the “Disabled” note (it was just barely visible at the bottom of the screen), the program was “unresponsive” for very long periods of time. I found that if I waited long enough (like 10 minutes), the program would progress to the next step. Right now it says it is running a backup. The “Disabled” note remains on the screen.