ATI recovery for W7 Install

I am wondering if i can use ATI WD Edition to restore files after I upgrade to W7 from Vista? I have everything backed up on another disk  with ATI.  Or is the Windows Recovery better for that?

Your right on the money yes you can use ATI or if you have a Smartware drive thats also good.

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Good, i will back up with ATI. But i was told by Microsoft it might not work, so I will also backup on an external WD with Easy Transfer.

How should I restore if I use ATI? I am going from Vista 32 bit to W7 Home Premium 64 bit.


Ok  Flower chick go ahead and take a look at this link hope its helpful

(note:) the pictures are not up to date because its the older version but the choices should be the same good luck!!&p_li=&p_topview=1

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