At this point, what's the most reliable firmware?

I’ve read a number of threads in the firmware section, but I’d like to know what the consensus is - at this point, what’s the best of the latest firmware out there? Thanks!

that depends what “special” things you want it to be able to do…

I am using the newest firmware in combination with generated movie sheets and except for the media “library” which **bleep** in all versions, everything is perfectly fine.

If you are using particular themes you might need an older version of the firmware

and if you don’t care about all the extras and just browse your files without “pimping” them with movie sheets you can use the newest firmware without much concerns, it runs just smooth.

I can’t seem to get a straight answer on this one either. I have seen multiple issues with the current firmware but people claiming everything is wonderful. It seems truthfully as though with firmware you are dancing around issues. I have some in MP4s, MKVs and some I just dumped the ISO on to my drive. No consistency is not my strong suit. I like MKV for hi res stuff and Mp4 for ordinary or old or kids movies and ISO when im lazy. The newest versions problems are well documented in the forums. I have gone back multiple versions and yet to find one that will play MKVs, ISOs reliably. The newest one has a audio bug that affects several of my files. Its annoying because sure i can re-rip everything (quit my job+get a divorce) but then if I update firmware I could have ripped it incorrectly for the next generation of bug(s).

What’s the “Best” most “Reliable” Firmware ?

It’s a matter of Opinion…   (I personally use 2.07.17 without any Issues… MKV,AVI,WMV,ISO,MP4 etc No Probs.)

To discover which Firmware is “Best For You”  try them …

If you dont like, or have an issue … then just ‘Rollback’ to another Firmware and try it out, to see whether it suits your needs.

+1 on the 2.07.17 for me the most usefull version

mtawd wrote:

I’ve read a number of threads in the firmware section, but I’d like to know what the consensus is - at this point, what’s the best of the latest firmware out there? Thanks!

As with most things in life there is no consensus because people use the Hub for different things and have different priorities. I am using the version firmwares and I wouldn’t go back to the version firmwares. I’m playing mainly audio files and some .iso files. I don’t use movie sheets and don’t use the online services much. In my case the improved Media Library and the fixes to some of the bugs with audio file playback makes the the best firmware for me.

People who use movie sheets or have problems with the 5.1 playback from some files prefer to stick with the version firmwares it seems. At the end of the day you will have to try the different firmwares and see which one has the best balance of features versus bugs. Luckily it’s pretty easy to rollback to an older firmware if you find a firmware update is causing problems for the way you want to use the Hub.

In my openions 2.07.17 and 3.01.19 are pretty stable releases. I still use the 3.01.19 firmware

Going with 3.01.19. Gotta have the 3x series so I can aggragate network drives into the media library. Too great a feature to miss out on, and you can still get a lot of functionality out of some themes and XML files. Whichever you choose, you’ll miss out on something, so just pick which features are most important to you.


I am using 3.03.13 with no issues. I’ve always updated to the latest, but I refuse to update to .16 just for MLB which I do not use. Only recently (maybe 2 or 3 firmware’s) I started using Darklight theme and it’s really nice.

I use my huvb mainly for videos and mp3… light YouTube usage, and I mostly don’t use any other online services… it’s rare I use them since everything is so slow. On rare occasion I play that game with the squirrels.

I use thumbgen, mojo and a WHS server storing movies in ISO.  It all works great on 3.03.13.  I also just beta tested 3.05.10 and everything works fine.  There is an update to the apps which has a sorted list – this is a very nice feature.  My moviesheets still look great and everything runs fine.  I really don’t see any of the problems others are reporting, but I don’t use it exactly like they do either.