At Last, I can connect to My Cloud!

I have been unable to connect for about a month. The drive still worked well, and I was able to remotely watch the movies stored on it. But recently I have been unable to add movies, or even to locate My Cloud on my network. Strange that I should be able to see it from my iPad, iPhone, but not locate it on my network on my PC. Windows 10…speaks volumes!

I had been blaming an update by Windows 10 for my current problems, but anything I tried to fix it led to nothing. Frustrated, I turned off my Avast Firewall yesterday afternoon, just to see if that would make a difference. I noticed the difference much later, and by then had forgotten about the firewall.

By this afternoon, the firewall was back to its old tricks. I refocused on the firewall. I tried in vain to write a new rule which would “allow” anything that said WDMyCloud. Still it didn’t work. In desperation, I shut down the Avast Firewall, and am relying on Windows 10 FW. Say what we will about Windows 10,this firewall is WDMyCloud-friendly.
My problem is solved!!

Thanks for sharing your experience with other members of the WD Community.

Indeed. A firewall can at times close/lock-down network access a bit too much.

Good news!

In fact, unless your very hyper about virus’ infection the Windows Defender in Windows 10 is more than adequate - in fact I stopped using Avast (and a couple of others) on my 3 desktop and 1 netbook Windows systems almost 2 years ago when Windows 10 was released. In that time I’ve had zero infections.

Windows 10 is often maligned (as it should be for some of it’s less than spectacular support functions) but firewall and virus protection are, IMHO, just fine.


That is good to hear, and definitely something to think about. I used to use simply the free version of Avast, then upgraded to full version, not because I really wanted it, but I thought they deserved some $$. With the full version comes REAL TIME, the firewall, and a whole new can of worms. I am not SO stupid that I cannot even write a firewall rule allowing WD MYCLOUD.exe. In Windows, it is a piece of cake. Can’t seem to get it across to Avast, however. I will NOT renew!

Thanks for your input.