Asus PC has a WD HD with some bad sectors. How to get RMA?

Since 3-4 days, I’m experiencing some issues with my PC.
After some troubleshooting, it was discovered there are some bad sectors in the HD.

I’ve bought the HD with a Asus PC from Future Shop / Best Buy last March 1 2015.

I went to the computer store and they need the whole PC in order to execute their test and eventually replace the HD.

I’ve tried to register this HD in order to return it to you but following error appears:

“Thank you for registering your product(s), 0 product(s) were registered out of 1. The following asset(s) failed to register: because it’s either an OEM product or the warranty has been voided. For further assistance, please contact the WD support team”

Could you help me ?


Asking WD to warranty this HD is a bit over the top. Do you know what OEM means? It stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and that means that all components inside are now warranted by whoever made the product (in this case, Asus) Future Shop has no warranty they need to honor if their obligation to do so has expired. They may help you out because you are a local customer of theirs. If ASUS’s warranty has expired, too, you most likely need to buy a new HD, and not ask them or WD or Future Shop to warrant the drive – the obligation to do so passed on to the OEM, ASUS.

By the way, this is not WD responding to your question, it is another user. Believe me, if WD helps you out with this, it would be out of the goodness of their heart; it is ASUS you should be dealing with on this issue; IF the PC is still under ASUS warranty…