Asus P8z68-v Bios show 0.0 gb with my new disc WD40ezrz. I can not do anything

Hy, my bios of my MB Asus P8z68-v with the last bios possible “3603”, reads 0.0 gb in the new disk WD40ezrz. I’ve read everything and tried everything I could to no avail.
My question is simple, given that the few cases I encountered indicated the need for RMA, - Should I require product replacement? Or there are some alternatives related to Jumpers, etc.
This error in the capacity of 0.0 gb does not allow me to start the disk with no operating system …
I thank in advance for the time of the collaborators in trying to help me. really troubling this problem.
Sorry, I’m not English speaker… But I can read well.