ASUS P6X58-D-E Marvell 9128 with 2 WD6000HLHX


I had my system running happy with 2 older WD1500ADFD on the Marvell 9128 with no issue.  The I got a single WD6000HLHX and run that from the Marvell 9128 with no issue.

Now I have a second WD6000HLHX.  When I plug both into the Marvell 9128 it can only see one disk.  Either the new or the old.

So I pluged the old WD1500ADFD back in and np the old Raid 0 raid set is still there and working.  Plugged the 2 WD6000HLHX into the Intel controler and it sees both disk.  Its only the Marvell that will not see both. 

I can plug each drive one at a time into either of the 2 port and it will happly see 1 disk.  But add the second and it only see’s one disk.

Is there some magic to get it to see both ?

Anyone else had this issue and found away around it ?


You were able to solve the issue?

Not so far.  So I have added the 2 WD6000 to the Intel and those are working fine.  Bank holiday W/E coming up in a week or so.  So I may have another go then.

Are you have the same sort of issues.  I would be good to know this is not just me.

I have exactly the same problem with 2 wd5002AALX drives. At the moment, only one is working with the marvell Sata3 controller, the second disc is connected to the sata2 intel controller. I figured out, that it only the lower Marvell connector works correctly. The upper one causes I/O errors and bluescreens.

Sorry to hear you have the same issues, but at least its not just me.  So maybe its a bios issue with the  Marvell controller.



Count me in!  But wait there is more!

I have two WD Velociraptors WD6000HLHX hard disk drives and Intel DX58SO2 motherboard with Intel SATA2 controller and Marvell discrete SATA3 controller. I have observed the same bahavior, i.e.:

  • WD drives connected to SATA2 work OK;

  • 1 (one) WD drive connected to lower SATA3 works OK;

  • 1(one) WD drive connected (alone) to SATA3 upper - DOES NOT WORK

  • 2 (two) WD drives connected - ONLY ONE - connected to the bottom SATA3 port  - drive is detected!

So, at least this proves there is no problem with the MB itself and rather the Marvell controller problem. Now, Intel support says Marvel BIOS and Firmware gets updated with the Intel BIOS update whenever necessary. So it is, in my case, up to Intel to fix this it seems.

On the second thought, employing the Marvell controller to handle SATA 3 wasn’t the wise decision to make in terms of usability, but it seems “marvell controller” made some money to its owner without actually being tested by the MB vendor. Todays business rules are killing me, I tell you that…

Right, but anyway… FIX ??? anybody ??