Asus AC88U unmounted WD My Book 1tb?

Hello, I have an Asus AC88U that I have tried to use a My Book plugged directly into Asus. Says “unmounted”. I have read things here and there to format but I have used this My Book before at a previous house and network and want everything on it. Thanks

Hi frank.51,

My Book is an external plug n play drive and manufactured to connect in the USB port of computer for proper working operation. However, you may try to connect it with your Asus AC88U with different file format.

How do I change file format?

File Format can be changed after formatting the My Book. First take a backup of all important data from My Book at PC’s local storage location, then format My Book with compatible appropriate file format.

Note: It’s a Data Destructive and cannot be undone. Recommending to create a backup of important data from My Book before going to format.