Assistance on my book 1tb

HI, Im very new on this external HD thing. I got this essential 1tb just 2 days ago. It came with just 2 sheets of paper. One is the numbered instruction on how to install it. Another one is the yellow sheet abt its info. Should there be more? I followed the install guide and I saw the driver put in and it even said its ready to use. I tried looking it up in my computer but theres no sign of the hardware there. I tried saving a pic and thinking on the selection on saving it might show up, it didnt. Prior to using it here on my desktop with XP, I tried putting it in my laptop that has windows 7. Will this also work for window 7? do i still need to install anything to this to make it work? thanks in advance.

Does your drive show up within “My Computer” or “Computer”?  If so, you can read/write to your drive now.  If you don’t see your drive, what is its model?  If you have a Mac-formatted drive, you’ll need to reformat it before either PC will recognize it.