Aspect ration on WDTV LIVE

Hi all,

with the previous WDTV, I was able to play the movies on my screen with black bars on top and at the bottom. When I select widescreen now, the pictures is completely stretched over the whole screen… which is really wierd to watch.

When I set it on ‘normal’ the pictures is very small with black bars on all four sides.

I’ve read that you have to change it nowin your TV setting but my tv hasn’t got this option

Why did they changed something on this aspect ratio thing… and will it be back in with a new firmware update?

Thank you for a reply


I’ve noticed that you have posted this issue a couple of times here in the community.  This is really an idea, and a good one, that should be posted in the idea exchange where WD people will be watching, and where others can vote on it. 

However, I did notice another idea similar to yours already in the WD TV Live Idea Exchange that you could add your comments to and also vote on.  This would probably be much more effective than posting in the forums.

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