Aspect Ratio off on WDTV Homepage and Videos

I am using my WDTV Live SMP with a old school tube TV (Philips make) connected using Composite cable

I believe the aspect ratio of the TV screen is 4:3

Most videos on WDTV seem to play fine …and show up in the correct aspect ratio

However, the WD TV Homepage, Menus, folders, list/thumbnail views, keyboard input screen, all text, and even the WD logo on the screensaver …everything seems to be compressed – what should be a widescreen content seems to have been compressed widthwise to fit my screen – this makes the menus and homescreen look ugly and text difficult to read

I went to Settings > Audo Video> Video > Format = Normal

Nothing changed.

How can i make WD TV show the menu in its natural aspect ratio on my TV screen? Thanks!

The Aspect Ratio setting should apply also for the user interface, not only the videos.  You may try resetting the SMP by holding its reset button for 1 second.  You may also try using it with another standard TV in order to compare results.

The WD interface is designed for wide screen TV’s.

see WD answer here.

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Sad to know that UI is not flexible to accomodate standard 4:3 screens … thanks for the replies folks, much appreciated.

I find this understandable as they would have to program another layout just to fit every option on obsolete screens, and they don’t even have time to correct critical bugs… But I guess that an option to show the menus in 16:9 letterboxed format (i.e. black bars above and below) would be nice for people who have no choice but to use the device with an older TV.

If it were letterboxed, all the text would be 33% smaller, and probably unreadable on most 480 displays.