[ASK] Larger than 2TB HDD

I have 3 HDD now… Hitachi 160GB 500GB and  My Passport 1TB…

I found many articles about 2TB HDD issue that will cause data loss… Now all my drives almost full, so I’m gonna need a new drive and I’m planning to buy WD My Book 2TB…

I want to ask, if I buy the 2TB HDD and attach with all HDD I have, will my computer detect all the drives?

CompaQ Presario V3839TU

OS : Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x86

Thx for help…

A 2 T drive shouldn’t be a problem. If the drive is larger that 2T it needs to be formatted with GPT instead of MRB. I believe that is compatible with Vista and Windows 7 but XP needs a patch from MS to handle the GPT.


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I get it now… So it means over 2TB per drive not accumulated, right?

One more thing, how I format the drive with GPT or MBR?

That’s the individual drive size. I’d let Windows take care of it. If you’re using XP it will only do the MRB unless you applied the patch. As long as the drive doesn’t exceed 2T the MRB will be OK. Here is a link on partitioning and explaining the 2T limit better http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3865