Arrrgh...Network Share can not be accessed

This device is driving me crazy (WDTV Live Plus). It work really well (on Firmware 1.03.49) on a 24" iMac.

None of the later firmware upgrades worked well, so I kept rolling back to 1.03.49.

My iMac bit the dust 2 weeks ago, and has been replaced with a new 27"iMac. After using the exact same settings on the new iMac, I can not get the WDTV to see the shared folders?? I can easily get on my wireless Airport network, and the WDTV lists the iMac under Network shares just like before, however, when I try to log in I keep getting the same message “This  network share can not be accessed”. I have tried dozens of the recommendations on this and other forums to no avail. I want my wireless streaming of shared folders/files back! Wondering if SMB/Samba has changed on the newer iMac?? Any ideas / help would be appreciated.

Is your WD TV Live Plus asking you to log in for the network share? What “doezens” of things have you tried so far? I’m sharing off a Mac so may be able to help…maybe! 

Set up the shares just like on my previous iMac.

(Checked file sharing, checked user, entered user password)

(Firewall off)

Tried checking both guest login & share boxes

Tried using guest account

Tried using “new” accounts & different passwords

Tried apply permissions (read & write) to shared folders (and enclosed files)

All variations of AFP, FTP, and SMB (just used SMB on previous iMac)

Tried reset of WDTV (reset switch on side, un-plugged for 30 min.+, reset to factory defaults) … multiple times.

Tried clearing network shares login … multiple times

and the list goes on and on with the same result … “This network share can not be accessed”

Here is a kicker … I purchased the WDTV Live Hub (thinking I had a bad WDTV Live Plus. Same exact issue???

It promptly went back to the store.I am beginning to think that there is something “new” in the Samba on my new iMac that is not jiving with the WDTV?

P.S. “Is your WD TV Live Plus asking you to log in for the network share” … Yes it is.