Arghh help WD Hub back up

Not a total disaster but i have lost my back up of my hub (i stupidly formatted the wrong external drive). I know there are a few different ways of copying files off the hub but which is the fastest and easiest? - i have the full 1TB to get off!

Faster and easiest? Manually copy all the data of the hub through the network. No software, just copy and paste.

Faster than connecting an external drive by USB?

The gig took 37hrs over a wired network!

@ Arnie1955

The gig took 37hrs over a wired network!

You mean the 1 ‘Terabyte’ …  aka. 1000 gigs    im assuming ?   

1 Gig only takes about 10-15 Minutes ‘Max’   Via a Wired Network Connection.

Fastest Way to Transfer Data… if your Hub is ‘Out of the Warranty Period’

You could 'open the case and remove the HDD and plug it in directly to your PC’

Personally, i wouldnt advise that …

37 Hours +  Important Backup  = Happy  you still got your data.

yeah - am grateful - what am i doing wrong i wonder - using an intel imac - a few tears old as the inbetweener