Are you updating WD again or not?

Mr-Wolf wrote:
It’s a protest designed to shock and get (both positive and negative) reactions.

Yeah, and WD is losing sleep over this.

@Mr-Wolf…please be advised that it’s not about if WD is losing sleep or not. It’s about me possibly losing sleep after buying a inefficent, under performing product. Thus, I bought another brand today…(sad to say) and again, I’m greatful to those that took the time to share their experiences, as only the foolish disregard credible warning…at least in my reality. Of course the mileage of others may vary…but as Granny use to say…“an once of pervention is worth a pound of cure,” and since I live in the Philippines…replacing products takes a lot more effort…in many cases. Please make a note of same…

As you said user mileage may vary, It dependes on what you use it for.

Some functions work well , others don’t.

I wanted to use video playback, music playback, “photo slideshow” and “youtube leanback”.

Video playback works well for me.

Stereo music playback lacks sound quality, but it’s normal at this price, you need to use the TV to change tracks, an android/ios app is needed so we could listen to music with tv off.

In “Photo slideshow”, if you go back to the photo file list, it always goes to the 1rst photo, instead it should go to the last photo you were seeing, they fixed this in the last FW, but last FW crashes a lot because of huge memory leak.

“youtube leanback”, never worked for me, it always crashed after some hours of use, it also had several other bugs.

I don’t use other apps/services/functions, so can’t speak about them.

You did well not buying this, looks like we are left with a crashing device, only solution is to downgrade to some previous FW with less important bugs.

WD don’t care, that is obvious. I’m not actually going to destroy the unit - that’s just what I felt like doing. Glad to see some of you might have actually believed this for a moment!!. Maybe I just got a dodgy unit?

This is my 3rd or 4th WD Media Player (can’t remember) and it seems this latest model is the least stable one. My unit suffers from many problems lately but I’m not sure it’s firmware related. It sometimes won’t turn on (unless unplugged first), also the sound sometimes cuts out almost completely with 95% distortion (until re-booted). I really hate the long reboot time on these things. My Windows 8 computer boots so much faster than this.

Anyhoo, I would buy another WD streamer basically because I only use it for local network media streaming and nothing else. There doesn’t seem to be another device on the market than can do as much as this unit for this price. I wish Plex or Kodi made a hardware device. I would definitely buy it :slight_smile:

Rozza76 wrote:

Maybe I just got a dodgy unit?

Probably not. These bugs can and do happen to some part of the user base, none of which are fixed.

Rozza76 wrote:

I’m not actually going to destroy the unit - that’s just what I felt like doing.

Here’s how I picture you “fixing” your wdtv:  Shh, no tears. Only dreams now.

I’ll admit the WDTV SMP box and firmware has issues, but I can watch BluRay movies with the same HD audio just fine and from what I can see so far, is that this box is still the best value for what you get to do with it.

So, I understand the frustrations, but at this point I think we all need to wait for something better by WD or any competitors. And so far, no competitors are competing with this small box that plays so many formats. 

I’ll put up with its issues until something better comes along. The big problem is nothing seems to be coming along to compete against what this does so well (playing movies). Sure, I can use a small computer and get KODI, but it will cost more than this box.


The big players are selling their boxes at a loss to get u to pay money for their own platforms content (Apple, Google etc). WD in trying to be a free standing player indepenent of content supply, are getting squeezed by better hardware specs for the App happy crowd downloading rather than this boxe’s main target of playing stuff off/thru local disk/network. They might try and steal a match on 4K/H265 support, but the chips to do this are gonna be be eyewateringly expensive at this point in the lifecycle. But at the moment where is this 4K content gonna come from that people can get to their hardisks with no DRM rather than stream? There is no agreed/launched physical media, it’s all streamed with DRM. I doubt WD can find a niche market of playing local 4K content when the other big players will launch streaming 4K support. So a player for H265 on 2K video?..why bother, we are all quite happy using H264… see this box in a very mature market! Maybe this is why WD sacked all the sw engineers on their Media Players at Xmas! :smileyvery-happy: Well, we’ve had no new firmware for any boxes since Xmas so as good a theory as any. Who knows where they go…least of all WD I would bet.

mz_inet wrote:


No autoframe, no DTS-MA.

mz_inet wrote:


No autoframe, no DTS-MA.

Actually, Kodi does support DTS-MA and autoframe (it depends on what hardware you run it on)

[i’m assuming you’re refering to “Android Devices”]  … i can’t test DTS-MA, but autoframe (refresh rate) works perfect

with my Raspberry Pi 2 running openELEC (Kodi)


autoframe (refresh rate) :


Rozza76 wrote: Speaking of, does anyone know the actual on board memory of this unit? I saw it somewhere but can’t remember???

512MB DDR2 according to the wiki

Great! Thanks for finding that JoeySmyth.

Decent specs, so hopefully an update will improve it’s performance.

So anyway, I’m still using the player and it actually does play every file format I throw at it - which I honestly love to be honest.

It’s the buggy and slow nature and it starts running low on memory now so hopefully a firmware update will address these things?

Speaking of, does anyone know the actual on board memory of this unit? I saw it somewhere but can’t remember???

AlcAm wrote:


They might try and steal a match on 4K/H265 support, but the chips to do this are gonna be be eyewateringly expensive at this point in the lifecycle.>

This site is more interested in getting kudus (ridiculous) giving out silly stars etc than trying to ANSWER questions asked here. Readers need help that’s why we’re here.

For some reason my machine said there was a new upgrade so I installed… big mistake! Thank goodness I have backups. July 2015.

WD makes some great items and some rubbish like the external hard drives… keep them away. I like my WD TV Live and would like it to be even better so if anyone has a recommendation for the better firmware please advise.


The most stable version for me is 2.01.86.  I would suggest rolling back to this and turning off auto-updates.  Joey has great rollback instructions here.

Hope this helps!

Yes, it really is a shame that they seem to have given up supporting this unit. I too love it, with the old firmware. One of these days though it will have to go into the junk pile as there is no support for some of the newer codecs/compression. Too bad. I’ve purchased a few of these devices over the years and can understand the early models had hardware limitations. The “Live Streaming” model seems good enough for most things and the latest firmware introduced some nice options, too bad it was unusable for most people. I guess people aren’t buying this “new” any more or we would see more posts as the “current” firmware is so bad. Sure makes me think twice about what to buy next… although I do have a couple of Raspberry Pi sitting around…

Almost a year now since the last failed FW.

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