Are you serious with the usb cord input? Who's the genius behind this design?

Am I really the only one with this issue? Every time I touch the usb cord that is connected to ‘My Passport’ it disconnects and says, device removal. It is the most aggravating design I have ever seen. Why on earth would you make the input on the passport so unreliable and flimsy? Even if you barely touch it, it disconnects.

I have taped it, put rubber bands around it, combined tape and rubberbands and amazingly enough it still won’t stay in. It’s not like I’m travelling around trying to use it on an airplane or my lap (even though I would like to be able to) it is just sitting on my desk. If something so much as grazes the usb cord it disconnects. Can I get a replacement for all the trouble this has caused me? Or am I going to have to bust out the gorilla glue and glue the **bleep** together?!

I would immediately copy the data off the drive while it is still working and contact WD about a replacement before the port fails.


same problem here - every time. 

I remember WD Having issues with USB cables and the Smartware Passport drives, they fixed right away. Call then and explain that you have this issue with the cable, they will send you a new one that will not have this issue.

My first Passport was having this issue, I call then and they send me a new one, free of charge, the new cable fit perfectly, even once I was playing some music in my Laptop, the drive fall down and it did not hit the floor because of the USB cable, the best, the drive was NOT disconnected from the laptop from the fall…

Just called them and they are sending me a replacement usb cord to see if this fixes the problem. My warranty expired in October so they are doing it as a favor.

We will see if it works…

The resolution was successful! Thank You WD. The problem was the connector’s “clasp” mechanism was either worn down or improved upon since the version I purchased about a year ago. Now it works fine and ejecting the disk drive now works 10x faster as well.


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Thanks for the pics. Now it makes sense why there are loose fit problems. It could also be a vendor issue it they use more than one vendor.