Are you serious? I need to rebuild Twonky after each video upload. (MLB/PS3/Twonky)

I bought the MLB 1TB to be able to store all my movies and view them trough my PS3.

It seems that in order to view the videos, I need to rebuild Twonky after I upload the videos.

If this is the case I need to return MLB and get a NAS that works better with the PS3.

More info on upload:

Using Mac to upload the files

All files are .mp4

PS3 give “corrupted file” error when trying to view it after the upload

Than I go to Twonky and “rebuild”

Now PS3 plays the file just fine

Thanks for you help!!!

I have the same problem as you with Windows 7 and with any kind of video file.

To solve I see that the twonky media server in the status of the server, in the videos section always give the name of some folders when it makes the hash. I decided to remove from the shared folder and then goes I made to rebuild the video shared folders and now goes well.

@yippikay thank you for your answer. However I did not fully understand it. Do I need to use a different folder than the shared folder? Please rephrase your answer. Thank you.

sorry. trying a bump, since I really would like to have an answer.