Are write zeros and extended test good to do on a new hdd

I bought a RED HDD 3TB. I did a “write zeros” test and afterwards performed an extended test before using this HDD. It went ok, but next power on it was dead (no spinning). I replaced it with a new one, but before I do the same test, I want to make sure: is it recommended to perform a “write zeros” test and afterwards perform an extended test before using this HDD ? can it cause it any damage ? is the dos version preferred ?


Writing zeros and performing a test on the drive should not cause any damage at all.

Hi any Mechanical part example a car ,lawnmower, hard drive should have a break in period before you make it run as hard as it can. Remember you are going to store your data hopefully for years on this drive so take care of it. It would be ok to check the smart data to be sure there are no bad sectors you can use a trial copy of hard disk sentinel to do that.

The problem is that I need to make sure I can save data into it before I actually save the data. There has to be some sort of reliability test for a new hdd.