Are WD RED drives okay for PC use?


I have a ReadyNAS Duo NAS. Though it supports two drives, I’ve always only had one drive in it.Lately it’s been emailing me (a cool feature) that my 1TB Seagate drive in it has increasing bad sectors and I should replace it.So I went with this WD Red 3TB drive. The Red drives are made for NAS systems so I figure this would be a perfect replacement/upgrade.Well, got it in yesterday, couldn’t get it to work, after googling I discovered that my ReadyNAS Duo (v1) doesn’t support drives greater than 2TB. Of course.So in the meantime, I’ve put the 3TB drive in my PC. Are these drives acceptable as a PC storage drive? My OS drive is a 180GB SSD drive. I’m currently using a 1TB drive inside the PC for storage - music, movies, docs, etc. I can move that drive into the NAS and keep the 3TB drive in the PC.Is there any downside to using a WD Red drive as an internal PC drive? I would be using it primarily as storage for my music and movies and streaming them off that disk from Plex.

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Hi kevinmanuel,

Basically, WD Red drives are manufactured to use as a networking drive but you can also use it as an internal primary storage hard drive in computers.