Are WD drives bootable by default?

I’m trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. I have an elderly friend on a fixed income. Her computer is on it’s last leg. I got a pc with a dead hard drive (and other issues). I bought a refurbed WD 3200AAKS off of Amazon. I can’t seem to get a boot CD or USB to work. I put the driver in and it won’t boot. I’m about to throw in the towel.

The way it usually goes is

install in drive in PC
insert Windows media in DVD drive or USB port
Turn on PC and as it boots you may have to hit an F-Key to get a boot list on my Toshiba it’s F12 at boot
Then select the proper device to start the install of Windows from the boot list

Windows Custom Install will handle partitioning and formatting the drive or you can setup the drive manually if you like.

Not sure what “driver” you refer to.

So what you need is an installation DVD for Windows or a USB device, like a stick, with windows install media installed on it.

What version of Windows are you attempting to install?

I believe I’ve wasted a bunch of time. Neither the cd boot disk or the usb boot drive will boot. Thanks for the help. Looks like I’ll recycle this boat anchor.