Are Video Themes Possible

hey are video backdrops possible i remeber the first xbox had some custom video skins the one that comes to mind was called devise. There were also terminator ones with lasers and stuff. Is this possible.

Instead of a static back ground have a video loop or whateveer ie your dashboard is a fish tank or fireplace. 

Have a poke around  at the Moviesheets + Website … it’s  possible on “older devices”  with “CFW” :wink:

Technically speaking, i guess it’s possible, but that’s a decision for _ Western Digital Firmware Developers _ to decide.

At a End User Level for Theming, Modifying XML’s ? … No

Personally, i’d settle for implementation of animated gifs if video is not possible.

(Yes i own an old Xbox with Xbmc with animated Gifs and Background Video … no High Def  though :cry: which is why i bought a Hub :smiley:)

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The short answer on that would be NO.  You could post it in the Ideas forum, but I would put money down that you will probably get an “Unplanned” response back, if you get a response at all.

For one thing, it would most likely require a big firmware rewrite and for another, even if it were it would probably really slow down the response time, it already has a trouble displaying static images.

As for JoeySmyths gif idea, I agree.  But I wouldn’t count on this ever happening either, I mean look at how long we have requested pngs for thumbs (which could be simply added) and it has still not been implemented.

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