Are these Hard Disks compatible with EX4?

Good morning,

I have a My Book World Edition II with 2 green WD20EADS-00R. Are they compatible with WD My Cloud EX4?
I’ve not been able to find anything about that on internet.


I have been using 4 of those drives in one of my EX4’s since November and haven’t had a problem with them.  I am using them in a raid 0 array.  

That’s what I like to hear!

I think it will be the same with the EX2.

Thanks, mooremg :slight_smile:

What benefit are you deriving by running a SLOW network attached storage device in RAID 0; other then the potential loss of your data TIMES by 4? 

I’m unsure why it matters to you how I use the EX4 but if you must know I’m using it that way to extract the full capacity of the disks, not for speed.  It is backing up 16TB EX4 (RAID 5) which itself is a backup for a Synology DS1813+ which is running RAID 10.  The DS1813+ is located in my office and the two EX4’s are hosted in my provider’s data center.  I’ve been a freelance commercial photographer and catalog editor for 38 years and have about 7TB of data that I want to retain.  I built my first computer in 1976 (S100 bus and CP/M) and have been using them ever since so I am more acquainted than most people with the risk and heartache of data loss.  Thanks for your concern but I think I have it covered.