Are these designed to run 24/7?

I have two NAS enclosures the oldest, an EX4 has four 2TB WD RED drives running under RAID 5. My second is an EX4100 with four 8TB WD RED drives again running under RAID 5.

The EX4 was purchased 19th July 2015 and I had the power schedule set to power up at 6am and shut down midnight.

Under this regime I have had several disk failures. Drive 1 in Bay 1 failed soon after purchase (I don’t have a record of the date) but this was replaced under warrantee. Drive 4 Bay 4 failed and was replaced under warrantee on 8th March 2016. The replaced Drive 1 Bay 1 failed and was replaced a second time on 12th May 2016.

I have just had a red led warning on Drive 1 Bay 1 and I shut the system down. I powered it up the following day and ran the short diagnostic test which completed successfully. The long test was running for many hours and seemed to stall with a sliver of the bar remaining. I chose to cancel the test. At this moment it is powered but the blue led’s are flashing continously but the red warning is no longer showing.

Are these failures a result of the prolonged run time that I have set on the power schedule?

Many people leave their NAS running 24/7 as that is the norm and intent – never unavailable. My DL 2100 does. but most of the time is is not serving up much; it is dormant except for streaming music or a movie for a while. You have 8 drives going, I have two. The more disks, the more you could have a problem with one or more.

Thank you for confirming what I thought was likely. I agree that the failure rate is a probably numbers game. However, although the system dormant for lengthy periods, I am concerned that the led’s flash for considerable lengths of time even though there has been little activity. Am I to assume that this is normal?

I have no idea. I use my NAS as a network media server, and the files on it are copies of my music, photo, and video files already safely stored elsewhere. So, there is nothing to back up from, or to, my NAS (other than copy new media files to it). The NAS is too pricey to use as a simple backup device, and for my purposes, best put to use as a home server of media for all sorts of devices on the home network. So, my NAS is not often dormant; it is on 24/7, but not serving data unless we play media files. It is most often in “energy saving” mode.

How to power on manually these ex2 ultra. No power button

Not familiar with this unit. Perhaps it is intended to be powered at all times. Is there nothing on the dashboard? On other devices there is a ‘power schedule’ option. You can set it to power down (and up again) at particular times. My own EX4 is scheduled to power up at 8:00 am and power down at 10:00 pm. I don’t have to use the actual power button (the EX4 has one).