Are there the WD sata driver?

Hi WD Community

I am own an ASUS K550J notebook with an internal disk coded wd10jpvx-80jc3to (should be WD Blue 1TB). Since I bought this machine, shop installed window 7 64 bit - it work properly. Now I want to reinstall the window 7 though USB but the setup cannot find partitions in the disk. It looks like that a sata driver is needed because the setup show a Load Driver taxtbox as shown in the attached picture. Please let me know what is or where I can find this driver? Or if the WD community have any suggestion, please informs me.

PS. The shop created 3 partitions, C for window, so I want to format only this partition. I subjectively cannot cope with a method that need to format the whole disk.


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Can you please share a little bit more about this issue?
How are you trying to connect the drive to the computer?

Hi Hamlet

Yes, I am. It is very kind for you. I can share more information if I can. For you question, It is a disk that are in the ASUS K550J notebook at the first place. So I did not connect the disk by myself.

The same happens to me. During clean windows 10 installation, wd green is not recognized by Windows, but only in CMOS.

drivers are not needed for disks but there may be a chipset driver which can provide added functionality

Because you trying to install Windows 7 I think you need to disable UEFI and set boot mode to Legacy and SATA mode to AHCI then it should detect it. Windows 7 has SATA drivers built in and no need to install additional drivers.