Are there different generations of WDTV Live?

I’m planning to buy a WDTV Live, and was wondering if there are different generation models like there are for WDTV.  Also, is the hardware same in WDTV Live and WDTV Gen2 (except networking) ?


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There is the Live and the Live Plus (difference being the Plus does Netflix but because it has DRM management tools it also has the *possibility* to do other things like Blockbuster that require this).

I don’t know anything about the WDTV but perhaps someone else will comment.

No, there is only a single “generation,” at least from a marketing and firmware path.

There are actually two different hardware spins that behave differently, and you can tell only by looking at the PART NUMBER of the device.

The hardware in the WDTV Live uses the same Sigma CPU as the WDTV, but adds additional DSP capacity and a faster secondary CPU, and networking.

Hey Tony, would you mind sharing a bit more on that? even a link would help

I’m waiting for my 2nd wdtv as the first replacement I got was worse  than my original one and would like to see if which revision is each.