Are there any WDTV Live SMP themes that support linksheets (including folder sheets)?

I have searched around the forums and have been unable to get a precise answer on this. What, if any, themes for the WDTV Live SMP will support linksheets? My searches have yielded the following results;

Mojo Theme: No linksheets support
Darklight Theme: No linksheets support
Black Mamba: Possibly linksheets support but theme is no longer supported by developer.
CoCo Theme: Supports linksheets but theme is not fully functioning for the WDTV Live SMP and therefor not supported by the developer for SMP.

Does anyone know of any I have missed that would work, properly support linksheets, and are still being supported by the developer? As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

I realise this isn’t exactly what you asked, but

Even if you do find a theme that has linksheet support, it won’t be much use to you as the SMP has very limited space and you might have room for 10 sheets.

I read that post. What doesn’t make sense to me is that with my WDTV Live Plus the linksheets are stored on a USB thumb drive attached to the unit. What I would like is a theme that stores the linksheets in that fashion for the SMP. Unless I am mistaken about where linksheets are stored for the Live Plus.

you can read about linksheets on the SMP over at

but wdlxtv for the SMP is very early alpha

so early the linksheets process is not automated like it is on your live plus

basically it’s this

live plus, linksheets are stored usually at the same location as the move

linksheets end with _sheet.jpg

then some wdlxtv magic happens

on the hub or smp

naming convention is different

and no wdlxtv magic, so you must store your linksheets in specific locations

on the SMP you are limited to 30MB of space, unless you use wdlxtv alpha

Thanks KAD79. I had read BRADs post regarding WDLVTV for the SMP being very early phase. I guess I was just checking for good measure to see if there are any themes I missed. Question, what did you mean by the linksheets aren’t automated for SMP when using the WDLXTV alpha? On my plus I still have to manually trigger the update of my linksheets so I am confused as to which piece is automated.

on the plus when you run or update linksheets

wdlxtv magic is actually creating symlinks, at a specific internal location

it’s also renaming symlinks

none of this works with the SMP or HUB

with the SMP & HUB you must renaming each .jpg manually

then you must centrally store them in the correct location manually as well

edit: on the bright side, doing it all manually you don’t have to wait while linksheet script is running

Question KAD79, would the WDLXTV alpha work fine for me if all I do is watch my own media. I don’t use any apps like you tube or anything. I just want the linksheets functionality. I coupd live with the manual updating for now.

I don’t see any reason why it would not work

most items are stable, however there are a few known bugs

the big one is no wifi

so as long as you’re on a wired connection you’ll probably be fine

and of coarse, if you don’t like it, or want official firmware you can ceartainly switch back with no problems

Well that nixes that idea. My SMP is not wired. Thanks for the confirmation brutha!

ok, maybe something you’d still be interested in foldersheets

they do work on the SMP without wdlxtv

but you’re limited to 30MB for the entire theme

but if you have a few genre folders you could do linksheets for those

That would work. How would I set those up?

create your sheets in thumbgen, etc …

if your folder is named


then your sheet must be named


exact spelling with no extension

you’ll put the file inside the theme that you upload to your SMP

you’ll need a theme that supports both linksheets for your foldersheets

and XML moviesheets for individual files, I know that goodbye black mamba does support this

you can continue to add sheets until you run out of room

the SMP can only accept a theme with maximum of 30MB size

KAD79 wrote:


you’ll need a theme that supports both linksheets for your foldersheets

and XML moviesheets for individual files, I know that goodbye black mamba does support this

GBBM does support XML files, but do you need them on the SMP? I don’t have an SMP so am not very familiar with the exact setup, but that theme works well (on the HUB at least) without using XMLs. You can just put the linksheets in the root of the theme and they get called up when you scroll over the movie cover. GBBM does still support XML files if you want to use them, or if it is required on the SMP. Hopefully KAD79 can answer that for you.

Like the post above said, a folder linksheet would would have no extension at all (you will remove the “.jpg”. A film or TV show linksheet needs to have the same extension as the video file (EX: moviename.mkv). The linksheets must be the EXACT same name as the video for this to work, including capitalization if I recall correctly.

With only 30MB for the entire theme directory, you are pretty much stuck just making genre and subgenre folders. I have a lot of movies and TV series (on a HUB) and my GBBM folder is 482MBs. You are going to have to be very deliberate in what you choose to make linksheets for with that size limitation. If you go with GBBM, the theme itself is around 15mb and the typical linsheet from that template in Thumbgen will be around 225kb.  I am guessing you can probably make 50-60 linksheets if you manage your theme directory well. If you are ambitious, you could carve up the theme a bit to reduce the size of it’s main files giving you some more space as well.

Take my comments with a grain of salt as I have not used the SMP, but am quite familiar with the theme and the linksheets and templates for it. Hopefully something here is helpful

Good luck on getting this setup.


xml’s are not required for linksheets to work on the SMP

but what I’m suggesting above is

use linksheets for folders and genre’s

then for the individual movie files he can still use xml’s to have the default WD moviesheets

while both are 2 separate processes

they will both function at the same time


folder Action - will use linksheet named Action

inside the folder a movie titled Batman.mkv

will use Batman.xml

which points to Batman.mkv_sheet.jpg

That makes total sense now. So really you can use all the sheets you want, just limited on the linkhsheets by the theme folder size. The rest can be pointed to by the XML files.

That’s excellent. Thanks for the info


Thanks for all the help guys. Does anyone have the download info for BMGB theme and a line on a really good installation guide for it?

Sure Eolas Tear,

Here’s the link to the theme’ s page. DeVicious wrote an excellent install guide and a linksheet guide that are included.

I can’t recall but you may need to install BM 1.9 templates into Thumbgen as well to make the XML files discussed in this thread. Read the install guide and get the theme installed and the templates into Thumbgen. Then read the linksheet guide to see how those files are mad and moved without XML files.

Good luck, It’s a killer theme