Are there any Plug & Play dongles for TV's which can install the MyCloud app?

Seeing as there are no apps for MyCloud on my samsung Tv’s if there is at least a dongle which you can simply plug into a TV and run Mycloud on to access your server?

It depends on what you mean by a “Dongle.”   If you mean something that plugs into a USB port, no.

If you mean something that plugs into an HDMI port (generally called a “Stick,” not a “Dongle”) I’m not sure if Chromecast or Roku Stick or Fire TV Stick will.

IF you’re just wanting a player, there’s plenty.  Any WD TV Live (or later) Media player.  Any modern Roku player.  Probably dozens more.

you don’t need a mycloud app and I doubt if you will find that. does your samsung TV support DLNA? many TVs do

any shares with media content ned media sharing enabled. DLNA does not support security and and shared content will be visable to any DLNA player on the LAN

Sorry my fault, what I should have mentioned was that I was looking for something which worked over the internet, so if I was around someone’s house with a smart tv they could log onto my server and stream over the internet, especially if we  have 1GB upload and download speed I would assume if it was possible the stream would be smooth…possibly! So this is why I mentioned a dongle which may be able to install an app to get access.

that changes things.

Does your phone or tablet have an HDMI port? I think some of the newer phones and tablets also have a way to act as a DLNA server which may work too