Are there any naming restrictionsfor folders or files with the Hub?

I just got thru creating a new folder called Movies - Family to store all the Family frienldy movies (seperate from daddys PREDATORS & ALIENS films)  and the entire directory dissapeared before my eyes.  I plugged in the hub and browsed to that folder and naviagted thru the folders in it; I place a movie and its related files in their own directory so the MOVIES directory and this MOVIES -  FAMILY diretcory each conatin 1 folder per movie. I backed up to the start to show my wife howto getto teh movie she is showing the kids tomorrow and the new MOVIES - FAMILY directory was gone.

At first I figured it was a FIlter or View by setting so I tried every configuration but nothing worked.  Next I switched from VIDEOS to FOLDERS so I could see eveyrthing and while that let me see the PHOTOS folder I still coudl not see the new MOVIES - FAMILY folder.

I unpluggedthe hub from the TV and plugged it back into my network and the folder is still there so its not a corruption issue.

I can;t figure how the Hub saw it at first but notafter it seemed to be done with the Media Library compiling itdoes whenever you add new items.



There’s no naming limitations for share folders. Are you able to verify the connections or the folders permissions? Is this issue happens if you copy the files to the hub internal drive?

Actually, there are.  :)

There are a number of characters that are LEGAL in SHARE names that the WD will simply ignore.

An example is the AMERICAN POUND sign:  #

If you put that in the share name, the Hub will ignore the whole share.