Are there any larger WDTVLIveHubs out there?

I posted descriptions here before of my WDTVLIVEHUB configuration, but it’s 2021 and things have changed. I want to describe my configuration again to both advertise what WDTVLIVEHUB boxes are capable of (still), and also to see whether anyone has pushed the envelope even further and what they have experienced.
1 WDTVLIVEHUB with upgraded 2TB drive.
1 WD ELEMENTS 8TB drive plugged into USB port.
7 Networked Drives (3, 4, 5, 8,12, 6, 8TBs) or 46TBs of Movies/TV

So 56TB of Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, etc. So there are, for example, more movies here than are currently on NETFLIX. I’ve discovered a few limitations. For example, WD can only handle 10 entries under the top level. But my movies/TV all divide nicely into 10 categories (usually one per disk drive). But 1000’s of Movies within those 10 categories. Most are/were DVDs, but I think it’s cool that I also have Blu-Rays that are stored and played just fine by this “ancient” technology.
Comments/Your Experiences?