Are there any 1 TB+ drives NOT made in China?

Hi folks, are there currently any 1 TB+ internal drives on the markert that are not made in China? I am looking to buy a new drive but am very concerned about quality and reliability. Lately there have been too many horror stories about drive failure and data loss.

Good question… China made HDDs are not necessarily good or bad. This applies to Thailand, Philippine, as well. Current HDDs are manufactured in large quantities and they are not individually tested for proper operation or completed any burn-in tests. They  hand pick few HDDs randomly from production line for quality control requirements. In this environment DOA (dead on arrival) units can be more frequent. Some fail within couple of weeks or months. Some continue to serve years without any problem. This is common to all manufactures. As I believe, getting a good drive is purely based on luck.

Make a habit of studding interested unit on the net before you decide on make or model. Not all the reviews are accurate as they can be biased. Look in to user comments.

I’m wondering too.

I’ve had too many made in china equipment fail on me. I currently try to buy as much stuff made in either taiwan, japan, or the US. But alas it’s very hard to find even consumer goods not made in the PRC.